Our Expertise

No Limits Group advances your brand through industry leading, customized services.
Our team compliments your operations and extends the reach and abilities of your brand.

Sales + Services

Our frontline team is a cohesive combination of a dedicated GM, sales representatives, customer care and credit. We work with a mix of 50 in house and independent representatives across North America.

Our sales representatives are brand ambassadors, looking for the best retailers for a brand’s specific products. Their day to day activities include: assortment planning, merchandising, product clinics, marketing support and more.

Our customer care teams are the service providers for retailers, representatives and the end consumer.

Over delivering on service is our priority and we seek to find the best solutions to support these groups.

Ecommerce + Digital

With our dedicated in house ecommerce team, our infrastructure and software platforms allow us to efficiently handle every aspect of your online business. From the design and development of your website to marketing, customer service, order processing and fulfillment.

Some of our expertise includes:

  • Website strategy and build out
  • Ecommerce order and shipping integration
  • Customer service and order management
  • Creative services, branding and design
  • Email campaigns and social media integration
  • Website analytics and reporting
  • SEO, SEM and Affiliate Marketing

Marketing + PR

We work with brands that are dynamic, diverse and have their own unique identity. Our in house marketing department is geared toward nurturing this strong brand identity while driving sales growth and ROI. The ability to tailor campaigns to suit the needs of our retailers, brands and media partners is a competency that sets us apart from our competition.

Additional services available to your brand include:

  • Store branding and custom build outs
  • PR and media relations
  • Print and digital advertising
  • Event sponsorship and contests
  • Athlete recruitment and sponsorship
  • Customer and staff promotions

Operations + Logistics

Importing and administering our brands’ products from various manufacturers and distribution centers around the globe is one of the key solutions we provide. The main goal is to reduce lead times, allowing the product to get to the end user, faster. While scaling this service around multiple brands, we constantly tailor and improve our processes to save time and money.

We work with our brands’ manufacturers to place and manage purchase orders directly, freeing up your teams’ efforts.

Our purchasing and logistics departments strive to ensure that all orders are being delivered accurately according to purchase orders, within negotiated shipping windows with the most cost effective freight.

Finance + Credit

No Limits Group has a strong financial position that fosters ongoing stability and growth for our business partners with well managed lending facilities in place, providing ample scalability for growth.

Currently we have credit relationships with over 2,500 retailers throughout North America along with our international distribution partners who cover 15 countries in Europe and Asia.

Equity Investments

For emerging brands, taking a business from $4M and beyond can be the toughest period. It can also be a major distraction for the business and limit sales growth.

We understand that brands may look for additional investment to fund infrastructure and working capital investment. We do make investments in select brands to help facilitate their growth.